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My Dear Friends and Family Members, As-salaam-o-Alykum.
As most of you already know by now, few days ago there was an accident and all of my work was washed away with the water. The server that had all the information and all of my sites had a direct hit from the water pipeline burst.

That was a turning point for me and Allah has given me opportunity to learn  lot more since then. I discussed my problems in this area with some Muslim friends here in Atlanta. I met lots of very nice and good Muslims who taught me many things and have made some promises to me as well. You can see the difference in quality of my website.  I have learn lots of new things from my Muslims brothers. I am still learning but please try to visit my website very often because I will be adding lots of new stuff every week. If you have any suggestion, please feel free to use Feed Back form and let me know what you think. 

Now I would like to tell everyone little bit about myself and then, why I have started my website. 

I am from Pakistan. My official name is Shaur-ul-Iman Usmani and my calling or nickname is Hameed Usmani. I did my high school from Dammam, Saudi Arabia. After finishing my high school I came to USA to earn my Bachelorís degree. I got my bachelorís degree from Friends University in Kansas. I went back home to Pakistan and got married in 14th March 1998.

 I came back to USA for my Masters degree and almost finished it but got a very good job that I couldnít refuse. So I joined WFI (Wireless Facilities Incorporated) with the help of my cousin (Mohammad Tahir Usmani) who was working for WFI at that time. I have been working for WFI since March 2000 My current job title is Associate RF Network Engineer II.

I like to design web sites also or you can say that it is my hobby. So I decided to work in this field as well. Currently I am working on few web sites in my spare time.
     My future web sites are going to be;

1. www.Creatingweb.com
2. www.usmani.us
3. www.usmaninetwork.com
4. www.tubligh.com
5. www.saliheen.com

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has provided me with the information that I needed.  Salman Usmani and Lala bhai from Saudi Arabia have provided me some of the contact information and I am very grateful for them.

My Philosophy

There are few things in which I strongly believe and I would like to share it with all of Usmani Family Members

  1. Forgive others, God will forgive you.

  2. Love others, God will love you.

  3. The way you treat others, God will treat you the same way.

Shaur-ul-Iman Usmani
Hameed Usmani (calling name)

P.O.Box 8141
Wichita, KS-67208

Mobile Phone # 1 : 316-208-7427

Like always, I love all of my Usmani family members and respect my elders. I have learn a lot from this life and from my relatives. 
I would like to thank all of them,  my father (Muhammad Wasil Usmani), Ammo Jaan (Muhammad Adil Usmani), my cousins, Muhammad Tahir Usmani, Muhammad Amil Usmani, Muhammad Aamir Usmani and Muhammad Hamza Usmani. 
Some time we should think more about our other people. The joy of giving and sharing is un-measurable. I am very happy that I was born in Usmani family. Each and every member of our Usmani family is unique in its own way. We should appreciate each other instead of arguing on small stuff in life. We should love, respect, care and pray for all the Usmanis no matter where they live and what they do.
We should be happy if one of our family member achieves something in life and should show our sincere sympathy if someone goes through some difficult time. We should encourage each other morally and financially if someone needs it. This is the difference between Human and other animals. These are just my thoughts. I have so many things to say but I think, these days people have everything but time.

My father taught me many golden rules of life, Once my father (Muhammad Wasil Usmani) told me "Son no matter what happen, remember one thing blood is thicker then water".  

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