(Left to right) Anwar Ahmed(Friend), Syed Hulail Ahmed Naqvi, Syed Haroon(front in black), syed Nufail Ahmed Naqvi, Mohammad Adil Usmani, Surwar Ahmed (back), Mohammad Basil Usmani(Back), Mohammad Wasil Usmani (groom), Mohammed Akmal (back), Mohammad Humail Ahmed Naqvi (right of groom), Tillu (back), Syed Sulaiman, Mohammad Aqil Usmani (next to Humail Chacha, front), Mohammad Nasir (S/O M. Fazil Usmani/ w black cap), Dr. Ghani-ul-Akram Subzwari(with glasses), A professor in black pants, Ahmeh-Ullah Bhai (last at right)