It was really an honor to have a project  in Los Angeles, I met all of my relative who were living there. Achee Aapa, Raize Bhai, Imran and his family, Rehan and his family, Hasan uncle and his family, Shahid Bhai, his wife and daughter,

I had a project for AT & T for thirteen months. I was very busy all the time. In my final days of project, I had the opportunity to visit uncle Hasan's Super Chem Ent. Factory. It was a learning experience for me. Uncle gave me a tour of his Chemical Factory and took me from his office to lab, from lab to conference room. After that he took me in a big room where I saw some container where workers mix different chemicals to see the result. At the end Uncle and Aunty took me to storage room, where they keep the pile of chemicals on hand.

I would like to thank uncle Hasan who took the time off instead of his busy schedual and showed me his factory. Thank you uncle and Aunty,