I went to India on August 18th and arrived there on 19th of August. I stayed there for about twelve days. I spend most of my time in Allahabad, UP. It was extremely hot and humid in Allahabad and most of the day there was no electricity. I attended the marriage of Uzair Usmani(Munna). For 7-8 hours I went and visited my native village, Rashid Mai. It was very short visit to Rashid Mai, I was planning to stay there for few days but because of very hot weather, no wind and no electricity. I couldn't stay there any longer. I took some pictures of Rashid Mai and its people.
Please let me know if you have any comments. Thanks....Enjoy....




Afsar Chachcha

Jallah Chachcha

Sabir (Saqdoom's Son)

Rahmat Chachcha

Nankau Chachcha

Inside the Rashid Mai's home

Madaar's Wife

Hanif_Chachcha (Madaar's Son)

Outside the Rashid Mai House